You Are a Storm


United States
41° 34' 39.0072" N, 83° 52' 6.6252" W

You are a storm.

Yet you are nothing.


And life is an ocean,

Vast and undiscovered.


It's choppy and crule.

Its swells are too much.


Sadness hits in great waves

In a time of peace,

When all seems well.


And you drown.

You want to drown.


The swells beat against your chest.


You can't breathe.

You don't want to breathe.


Water fills your lungs.

You let it.


Your body aches to break the surface,

But your ankles are anchored.

Your mind is free.

And you think why?

Why fight?


Now is peaceful.

Now is great.


And you.

You are a never-ending storm.

Raging, breaking, destroying