The ABC's Of My Life

This is my life, where I was born  and raised and grew and broke. This is the ABC's of my life. "A" as in anxiety for the feeling  I got in my  stomach when "B" as in bystander's look at me. I never cared as in "C," but that changed soon because  after  the "D" as spiraled out of control into my  own downfall.   The effort as in "E" that I felt for  all the time's I tried to ignore the worries and  stressful moment's but then I went down as in "F" because I had failed.When the going as in "G" get's strong we are to raise an in "H" for heaven. Instead, I just wanted what harry had which was a cloak of invisibility like "I".   I would use "J" as in just kidding but really I wasn't. In secrecy I just wished to be okay as in "K". Some day's I would be alone all day in my room trying  to listen as in "L" to the words of wisdom and as the "M" as in minutes  clicked down I then begin to "N" as in narrow my options down because I felt that living was not needed anymore. I had demon's like everyone else had those who  would "O" as in opposing them.   My "P" as in my problems seemed to  tarnish my ability to be brave. I then became secluded and quiet as in "Q." So many time's my respect as in "R" was slowly decreasing leaving me sentenced as in "S"  to a life alone. In the beginning, my mother gave birth to me a baby girl with the letter "T" as in Tatiyana.    It was unknown as in "U" to her that I would become  Vulnerable like "V" instead of Vibrant and valued. When she looked at me I could see the letter "W" swimming in her head with worry because I was weak. I knew one day that I would be the "X" as in the x that marks the spot on a new journey in my life.   I still to this day thank my mom and god for being "Y" as in youthful when I decided to make a difference in my life. I didn't want to die young  because I yearned for the "Z" that would be my very own zestful  lifestyle. Thank's for reading my ABC's of my life.   

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