As a Muslim


United States
43° 26' 8.3796" N, 116° 15' 37.836" W

To my Country I am a citizen

but to my people I am a foreigner

They see me but they only see

fighter jets and burning buildings


To my Country I am a citizen

but to the mother who watched the Twin Towers fall

I am nothing but “a threat to us all”

The scarf on my head is simply proof

of the blood on my hands


To my Country I am a citizen

but I walked into a store and a sign on the door read

“Welcome”, but the cashier said “You!

Yeah you!

Go back to your country”


But I am not just a scarf


I am a flower you cannot stop from blooming

I am so much not even the stars can spell out my name

I am not crumbling buildings I am a wall that stands tall


“Don’t you get hot?” asks the girl next in line

Oh no darling, because I am a supernova lit on fire and stars don’t burn

they shine.

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