Pelham High School
2500 Panther Circle
United States


A baby on the hip of a preteen girl,
Nine years older than the baby sister.
The girl laughs open-mouthed, head thrown back
The baby grins and giggles.

I am this baby girl.
The pigtail-loving, people-pleasing, attention-seeking baby.
The baby who will truly always be the baby--no matter how old she gets.
The baby who bounces and squeals when she sees the school bus
bringing her brother and sister back to her.

The baby becomes a little girl who conquers the outdoors with her big brother.
Shooting hoops, tagging trees, scarring knees, and dripping sweat
She grows strong.
An athlete.
An adventurer.
But still the baby.

The little girl in her tutu explores the art of dance with her big sister.
Leaping bounds, turning wildly, bruising knees, and getting blisters
She grows tough.
A dancer.
A performer.
But still the baby.

The big sister graduates from college and gets married.
The big brother attends college and considers law school.
The little girl, a high school junior, deciphering her future.
Conquering the unit circle.
Exploring pretty people having fun in college who wait for her inside her mailbox daily.
Contemplating the options.
Choosing the future.
Becoming an adult.

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