Might It Be Better?

Might it be better to be alone forever?
As I lie alone tonight 
I think about all the times we held each other
 side by side
Wouldn't it be better to be alone forever?
All these thoughts are running around my head 
and I cant seem to get away.
This uphill battle has left me in shackles 
and I'm sure it would be better
So much better 
to be alone forever 
For the ones I loved have slipped away 
and I'm left to face these inner demons
these sort of feelings I cant seem to escape
The harder I try 
the closer they get.
So I fall and fall into the abyss of 
depression and anxiety and the fear
the fear is overwhelming.
As the darkness starts to suffocate me 
I believe
Yes I believe 
Its so much better to be alone


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Our world
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