6 AM

It is  6 AM

Light creeps through the taffeta curtains

My eyes flutter as I try and preserve my slumber

The age old question begins to haunt me

Do I get up or do I sleep in and not leave my bed?

These choices marinate in my mind as I continue to toss and turn in my sheets

A thought strikes me like lightning

If I don't get up, what will I miss in the world today?

What will life offer?

I could lose the opportunity to climb Mount Everest

I could never become president

I could not go to college

These awesome things could not happen if I don't make a choice

My eyes flutter once more

My decision is final

I reflect on my conclusion one last time

Life has so many unexpected twists and turns

It is so awesome how one choice can lead to many fantastic opportunities

I lift myself up, my head hanging low

I have decided

I'm not going to miss out on the amazing things life has in store for me today


This poem is about: 
Our world



Incredibly mature perspective. I salute you. Guess what words are going to be running through my mind when my alarm goes off tomorrow?