Curiosity, the Cat

Nature consumes every part of her being;

filling every square inch of the body with natural entities.

Her veins flow with rapid water, like streams.

Her mind races, illuminating radiant shades of color, like sunsets.

Her heart is enormous and warm like the sun.


She is wild, free, and natural.


Curiosity killed the cat, but the cat taught everyone a lesson.

Ideas surrounding curiosity being dangerous are not scary.

Content with living a life of trials and tribulations,

she is curious.

In the end, curiosity leads to exploration.


She is wild, free, and natural.


She has the urge to become the cat.

To teach people and open their eyes about how beautiful life is.

She feels most herself when peacefully secluded in nature,

carrying only thoughts.


I am wild, free, and natural.

I am me.

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