(1) What do you know about them?

(2) what is their purpose?

(3) What do they look like?

(4) Where are they?


Some of my friend's like Sonia

is like an angel to me.Because before

I first met her she was from heaven

to work with people with disabiltys,

and teach them how to do art and crafts.

Most Angels is that I know or think

I know and ware they are from is sent

to be on earth for a reason are,

to help cope with things and to

show people what they are doing wrong

in life.Some Angels are

gardaining Angels and some may be your friends

to talk about things in

your life or the past.The Angels are very nice and sweet they look like

people with wing on there back or behind

ware there sholders are.They

come from up above and they

lived on earth before they passed away.And the Lord sends

them down to earth to diffrent

people that need help with

things in life.I once had a

kitty I named Angelrain she

was like my gardean Angel

befor she died the last night I

spent with her she looked up at

the celiling and seen something and

I swear she seen and Angel,I think she

knew she was going to pass away

that night.And i never belived in Angels

again until about 1 month later when

I got a little puppy who lived

passed Christmas day.Sometimes

I belive the Angels laough at us

when we do things that are

funny,or ask questions or say anything

like wash wash or something like that.

I have 5 gardeion

Angels that I know of and

thay all sit on top of a cloud

looking down at me  on earth

watching over me.

When I do thing's that is not

right then I here this little voice

saying to me stop don't do that.

I have even had bible verses

come to my mind about death and

something out of John 3:16.

Angels are very special friends

you might not be able to see them but

they are allways there beside you

when you need them.


Done By Laralyn Corey

for my two kittys who passed away

both on Christmas Eve same

day diffrent years.

Rusty and Angel Rain your mommy miss you both.



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