Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad McClain AKA Isaiah Rashad


Educational Background and Location

Middle Tennessee State University, Chatanooga TN 

Brief Personal Bio

Isaiah Rashad was raised into becoming a preacher until he found his calling to music when he listened to a copy of OutKast's ATLiens album which inspired him. He than began ditching school to record music and his career took off from then.

These are a Few of Their Favorite Things

  • Favorite Books (as a child/teen)--Dragon Ball Z comics, “Cat in the Hat", “One Fish, Two Fish", “Twilight”

Common Literary Elements/Structure/Themes in their Work

Isaiah Rashad "bleeds his influences and idols into a lo-fi jazzy intimate portrait of his life, adding layers to the original music that inspired him".

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What does it mean if you were matched to this artist? Why is it important?

When matched to Isaiah Rashad, you are matched to an artist who includes many of the similar techinques you put in your piece. For example, your piece may include inspiration from your personal icons or people in your life that affect your literary works. This may be an element of your poem (or main element). It is important to recognize the similarity you have to this artist because it helps you understand more of the style of your literary work. In this instance, your work would most likely contain techniques that are similar to Rashad's and recognizing this could help to further develop your style and approach at writing poems.

Literary Value

Isaiah Rashad adds layers to his music and uses his personal icons to inspire his lyrics and songs like many artists do.

List of Albums / Artist Spotify Link

The Sun's Tirade

Social Handles (Links)

twitter: @isaiahrashad, instagram: @isaiahrashad