Chance The Rapper

Chancelor Bennet AKA Chance the Rapper


Educational Background and Location

Harold Washington College, Chicago IL

Brief Personal Bio

Chance has always been boldy independent in trying to make in in the music industry and has avoided major labels that want to sign him but rather won over fame by collaborating with major artists. Chance is also very politically active, he has donated $1 million to Chicago public schools gaining the attention of Michelle Obama.

These are a Few of Their Favorite Things

  • Favorite Food--Pizza 

Common Literary Elements/Structure/Themes in their Work

Chance uses symbolism in his lyrics for example, in one of his songs he says: "The Tubman line refers to my own leadership of all other artists towards independence and freedom".

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What does it mean if you were matched to this artist? Why is it important?

When matched to Chance the Rapper, you are matched to an artist who includes many of the similar techinques you put in your piece. For example, your piece might include lots of symbolism and imagery that help to spread a certain message to your readers (similar to Chance's technique). This may be an element of your poem (or main element). It is important to recognize the similarity you have to this artist because it helps you understand more of the style of your literary work. In this instance, your work would most likely contain techniques that are similar to Chance's and recognizing this could help to further develop your style and approach at writing poems.

Literary Value

Chance the Rapper's music often involves a lot of simple lines that include lots of symbolism and imagery.

List of Albums / Artist Spotify Link

Coloring Book, Acid Rap, 10 Day, Free

Social Handles (Links)

twitter: @chancetherapper, instagram: @chancetherapper, snapchat: @mynamechance