Writing a Poem About Something You Want to Accomplish (and Get on Your Way to Accomplishing It)

Some people find their inspiration from looking to the future, and their goals. Poetry can be a great tool to make these goals a reality. Try these tips to start creating your dream through poetry.

  1. Write about something that you have always wanted to do. We all have desires, and it is a good idea to write about something that you want, especially since when you succeed in achieving your goal, your poetry will be a reflection of the journey you took to get there.
  2. What made you want to do this? Write about what got you started in wanting to accomplish this specific goal. The people in our lives including our friends and families have an impact on us and our decisions, so maybe someone you know achieved a certain goal and then you wanted to do so also. Figuring out exactly why you want to achieve something is a key factor in actually achieving it.
  3. What is preventing you from doing what you want to do? Sometimes lack of support from family members or simply lack of a certain physical or financial standing prevents us from achieving our goals. Write about what obstacles have presented themselves to block your path.
  4. Next, think about how you can overcome these obstacles. Remember that you are the only person who is in full control of your life, and if you want to do something, you are truly the only thing preventing you from getting there. Write about how you can change your current situation so that you can start a new path for yourself, which will help you reach your goals.
  5. Think about what you will do once you have overcome these obstacles. Write about what your first step will be when you have cleared your path, because knowing what decisions to make is a very important step in the process of achieving your goal.
  6. What emotions do you think you will feel once you have achieved your goal? Writing down these emotions and then comparing them to what you actually do feel when you meet your goal is a great exercise.
  7. Using all of these ideas, write a poem about your goals for the future and how you will accomplish them and then post it to Power Poetry.org


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