Tips for writing a poem about a memory

We can’t remember every single thing we do in our lives, but there are certain moments that stand out to us that we remember forever. A good idea for a poem is to write about a specific memory that you have.

  1. We remember certain aspects of our life because they made an impact on us. Think about a memory you have, and why you believe that memory comes to mind so quickly.
  2. Expand on the memory itself. For example, how old were you when this happened? Which people were involved? Write about what events led up to this event and what occurred afterwards to help you and the reader understand the memory to its fullest.
  3. Write about what emotions you feel when you remember this time in your life. Does this memory make you feel happy, or is it painful, and why? Painful memories can be especially hard to come to terms with, but writing about them will help you to be on your way to acceptance.
  4. Is this a memory that you have often shared with others, or do you keep it to yourself? How come? While thinking about this, you may realize that you have been afraid to share this when really there was no reason to be afraid. Or, you might feel as if writing it down is a good way to share this memory with someone that you felt you couldn’t tell in person.
  5. After you have written about the memory, how do you feel now? Are you relieved? Upset? Include these emotions in your poem as well, so that you can reflect on how you felt before and after sharing this story.
  6. What we remember about the past can affect our future, because we learn how to deal with or avoid certain situations. Write about how this memory will affect your judgment and decisions you make later on in life.


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