Tips for Writing Idyll Poetry


An Idyll poem is a short poem that creates a story and paints a picture of everyday life, while making things that at first seem simple much more important. In a world that always seems to be moving so fast, this type of poem is great because it helps the poet and the reader to appreciate the small things in life. Sometimes, you just need to stop and smell the roses!

Quick stats

Idyll poems are short: Approx. 16 lines
Topics focus on the importance of the small things in daily life
Ingredients usually include: People and animals in a natural surroundings
Dates back to: Ancient Greece

Examples: “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” or “It is the Season” 

5 tips to get started writing Idyll poetry

  1. Pick a nature scene.
    Once you’ve picked this nature scene - either real or imagined - think about all of the details. Details help the Idyll poem’s theme of taking time to enjoy everyday life.
    • How does this scene look when you first picture it?
    • What makes this environment so peaceful to you?
    • Find the colors, smells and textures that stand out. Use those 5 senses!
  2. Who is there?
    Add characters to create a new story based off of the picture of the environment you have already described.
    • Write about yourself, friends, family, someone dead, alive, or even imagined!
    • How do the characters interact and relate to the scene?
    • Describe the characters’ actions instead of using dialogue. Keep it short.
  3. The cow goes moo.
    Depending on what scene you’ve chosen, think about the animals that would be there and why.
    •  How do these animals interact with each other, with the characters?
    • Details! How do the animals move? What colors are they?
  4. Create a picture.
    A great poem loves a great picture (especially on Draw a picture, take a photo on your phone, or find one online that could go with your poem.
  5. Share your poem!
    Seriously, if a tree (in an Idyll poem) falls and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound? Of course not! So please add you poem



The word “Idyll” comes from the Greek word “Eidyllion” which means “little picture.” Since this type of poem is small but creates a distinct scene, the title simply defines its format. Most often, these poems describe the countryside, but the main goal of Idyll poetry is to make the reader feel at peace. So, feel free to write about any part of nature that makes you feel relaxed. Maybe this special place is a meadow, a garden, the ocean, or even just a secret place out of your imagination!

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