General FAQ

New to Power Poetry? Have a question about our site? Confused? You've come to the right place.

  1. I'm trying to sign up. Do I have to check a box saying that I’m over 13? Why? Yes, you do. Because the internet says so.
  2. How do I add a poem? Register as a user on our site, then click the add poem button at the top of the page.
  3. How do I tag a poem to a particular slam or guide? When adding your poem, be sure to select the poetry slam from a drop down menu. You can also select a tip or action guide if that's what inspired you to write that poem.
  4. How do I know my poem was tagged to a slam, action or tip guide? To confirm that your poem was tagged, go to My Account (in the top right corner of the website), scroll down to My Stuff, and see if your poem is tagged with appropriate scholarship slam. You can see this by clicking "edit" on your poem and making sure it is tagged to the correct slam.
  5. How can I edit or delete a poem? Go to the poem's page and click on the tab labeled "Edit". From there you can edit your poem or delete it by pressing the "Delete" button at the bottom. Remember to save your edits by selecting "Submit".
  6. Where can I find the poems I've written? On your "My Account" page, under "My Stuff".
  7. Can I use profanities? There are no language restrictions on Power Poetry (including profanities) for any of our slams.
  8. Can I submit a poem I've already written on Power Poetry? Yes!
  9. My poem's line breaks aren't showing up and it looks like one long paragraph. How do I separate the lines? You need to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you're still having trouble, try pasting your poem into a program that removes MSWord formatting (like TextWrangler or Notepad).
  10. Who owns the poems I post on You do! Find out more about ownership in our privacy section.

Have a question about our scholarship slams? Check out our scholarship FAQ. If you don't find your answer there, email Please include your username in the email--just in case we need to check out something on our end. And bonus points for emails that follow these guidelines.