Our Sense of Wonder



We are full of wonder.

We wonder how,

We wonder when,

We wonder why.


This sense of wonder

Keeps us alive,

Keeps us curious,

Keeps us asking questions.


This sense of wonder

Allows us to see the bigger picture.


This sense of wonder

Enables us to truly appreciate

The beauty of the world around us.


The warm shining sun,

The crisp cool breeze,

The beautiful singing birds,

The colorful little flowers.


All of these things

Are wonderful.


This world,

This universe,

Is wonderful.


Isn’t it amazing?

Isn’t it incredible?

Isn’t it wonderful

That we are all here?


At times we may feel

Like a needle in a haystack

Like a drop of water in the ocean

Like a grain of sand among millions,

Lost and insignificant.


When we feel this way,

When we feel so unimportant,

We must call upon

Our sense of wonder.


Our sense of wonder

Can help us

Crawl out of the hole,

Reach the top

Achieve our dreams.


Our sense of wonder

Opens doors,

Shines a light,

Leads the way.


Our sense of wonder

Brings us back to earth,

Reminds us where we came from,

Helps us find the silver lining.


Our sense of wonder

Makes us who we are.


When times are tough

We call upon

Our sense of wonder.


We see the good in the world

Thanks to

Our sense of wonder.


We are who we are

Because of

Our sense of wonder.

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