Love Everybody For Who They Are

Love everybody for who they are 

Not for what society expects them to be 

Whether they are boys wishing to wear dresses 

Or girls choosing between boxers or briefs

Whether they are men who enjoy knitting 

or women playing video games after work 

It shouldn't matter since it is thier own personal choice


Love everybody for who they are 

Not for who they feel attraction towards

Whether they are boys in love with boys 

or girls in love with girls 

They can even love both genders 

or maybe none at all 

It shouldn't matter since the heart is something you can't control 


Love everybody for who they are 

Not for their skin color and place of birth 

Whether they have skin as white as chalk

or skin as brown as chocalate 

They may carry a thick accent

or a certain tradition from home 

It shouldn't matter because that is how they were born 


Love everybody for who they are 

Not for the religion they follow 

Whether they worship a single god

or maybe nine and even ten 

They may celebrate certain days 

or wear a special garmet 

It shouldn't matter because belief should be up to the believer 


Love everybody for who they are 

Because without a filter we are all human beigns

I am a human beign 

and your a human beign








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