I am From Poem

“I Am From…..”

Adapted by Levi Romero Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon


I am from the living room

from the couch, tv, and popcorn

I am from a white looking house, but just big enough for 9 people

I am from the lily flower

The only kind of flowers you'll find in my neighborhood whose blooms are long gone

I remember as if they were my own.


I am from a Christian family who loves to stay in the house of God

from dad, mom, brothers, and sisters

I am from sports and music

and from school I am educated


I am from hardworking and a motivating athlete

and from six little monkeys

I’m from a country where people’s doors are always open and  find everyone outside with big smiles

From a color found in Africa


I am from D.R Congo, in Uvira and full Congolese

From fish and fufu

I am a child who has played soccer his whole life

From friends whom I have left behind

And all part of me.


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