Dear Little Me

Dear little me,


Hi princess, how are you?

Sad? Yes I know

I feel it too…      


I feel your pain and your heartache

I wear it on my chest like a sign that reads “I’m broken.”

Out in the open,

I cry.


Instead of hiding inside

Yes I know that’s what you use to do, that’s what WE use to do.

Things are different now.

Better? I’m not sure but

 I’m louder than I was before.


You see I advocate for you baby girl.

You are the reason why I’m so strong.

I feel your tears in my soul

So I will fight for you until we’re whole.


I am the voice that you didn’t have.

I am the screams that you muffled into your pillow.

You see sweetheart I am the voice that said “it’s okay you can stop now.”

I am the warm embrace you long for.

I am the ear that you whisper the secrets we were too afraid to tell the world.


I am you.

I am here because you were strong enough to fight your battles,

So I could see mine.

You are me as an explosion.

It’s okay now.


Wipe those tears

You don’t have to cry anymore

I am right here.


                                                                                                                          Love, The girl you survived for


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