Poems about Race

I remember you sitting next to me learning about our history, about the protest that our ancestors took part in.
We have been living amongst a misconception Misconceived by those who decided to create the title “Black History Month”
Trapped. That’s how I felt. Living under oppression under someone’s thumb-
How does a blind man see color? Blue can be described as a cool and relaxing bay,
Fighting for the thing that is moral. Changing history for what is right. Making things believe using oral.
Like crayons are only colors our skin is too. We should all be equal shades to the human sight,
Why am I so different? Confused by the color of my skin, I am ashamed.
"This one is from your little sister," said my mom as she handed over the gift -
She was Born to be Judged Judged to be Born, She inspired those of her color, Those of her class,
Freedom isn't about color Freedom isn't about race Freedom isn't about gender It's about Power