Poems about Race

I imagine myself cultivated in the mind of blind guru Where color doesn't matter, where I can seek the truth
Second Sunday of May my father brought my brother, mother, and I to our favorite breakfast place to celebrate the holiday.
White or black what difference does it make? we are both skins that we did not create
                                              It’s 2013 and look how far we have come.
Society. A wicked, judgemental group of people. From discrimination to gay rights, we are still people.
There goes the dreamer, the artist The mistress in despair The importance of their lives 
We are human our species is the same although we have a different name, race, personality we are all a part of a family we all have 10 fi
Stereotypes reach farther corners than simply gender, race and sexuality,
Pretty girls dance across the room A parade of blonde hair, red hair, dark hair, light hair Sleek and shiny
For the justice of humanity. For the justice of Fong Lee. For the justice of all casualties