Poems about Politics

It started a mess and turned into a wreck. 2016 definetly was not the best and I was very, VERY stressed. 
Last year was a year of  struggle, death, farewells  and pain.
There's a group of people, living in silence - in the darkenss Many are aware of their existence Many are not
Equality to open minded Race to friendships Money for change  
"Who's side are you on" they all asked me, as if I had a clue. "Well who will you vote for in November,
A creeping suspicion turns to feelings of neglect. Never was I alone, yet I began to feel lonelier every day.
It all started with blinding colors The lights so bright it was almost impossible to see I was heading forward
365 days previous, They were days more care free and light-hearted,
wrestling with an impression of myself,confidence scant and creativity diluted,
I have never know what it's felt like to be heartbroken