Poems about Politics

There are immigrants on the streets being taken away by higher forces with badges placed tight
Womanhood -- Coming up in me, about to burst like a hot spring.
Last year was a big one for me, I turned 18, finally hit maturity.
  it’s 2017 yet equality isn’t seen between sexes, between genders and all that’s in between.  
      The Loss of a friend is a difficult battle
As I sat in my world history class the words, “change and continuity over time” played in my head like a broken record.
A year ago I didn’t have a voice It was robbed
- A year. Twelve months.
Wasted tears Uncontrollable Fears The seasons changed along with my feelings
Dear 2016 me,  December 2016 you is far different than what you used to be Discovering yourself this year was the key