Poems about Immigration

I've known wars Not the war outside the U.S.
Who misunderstand that we are all people?
I try to speak my mind or like, let my mind speak. Does my mind need speaking for?
You come up and say hi politely But in your mind, you're probably thinking "Why is this illegal in our country?"
I live in a foreign country, I call my home.
I know I am not alone, In this struggle to be who we want to be. As a dreamer,
Living down the street is that immagrant,
Her aching bones are broken more than ever before. I see her struggle every day just to make things better than okay.
I kept asking myself every night, why her. Why MY mom. She's struggled to set food on the table For all four of us.
The way he smiled, It got to me. Leftover mangu, Extra salami, Say cheese.