Poems about Immigration

Finally President of the United States, Zeus was pleased with himself.
If I have one day left on Earth, I would choose to look at his fac
A curious silence  A desparate glare She stands in the creek The wind in her hair  
The land out in the sea Mysterious and hidden  From many who wish to see         
Adios Ayacucho Land that has taken my name and body and left me unrecognized and unrecognizable
Oh, how quick they were to try and suffocate the flames On the sacred, seasoned, sanctuary known as Notre Dame. 
                                                               Wake-Up Caro (Ka-Row)
                                                               Wake-Up Caro (Ka-Row)
Born in classic white suburbia,   The most American Dream of cities.   Gifted with white picket fences,
I don’t remember exactly when I stopped being a kid