Poetry about Donald Trump

Now I'm not political. I dont vote. Not even old enough to have taxes to do. But some things have been said that simply aren't true.
The one-percenter Donald Trump Announced presidential aspirations with hair in a clump.
Research Concentrates On How Foodstuff Advertising Creates A False Impression Of Health
Bushmen Safaris
The Jazz of My Life is the reason I'm up late
(poems go here) As I sit back, reminisce, and wonder why, why I am who I am,
“Gentlemen of the jury, here I bring you now A man charged with murder; a fair trial he was allowed
you told me that you wouldnt do this shit again, what happened?  you were supposed to be my friend.
Oprah, what do you need all that money for? Bey and Jay, why do you're tickets cost so much for your tour?