Poems About the Environment

Rusty old gate,nails on a chalkboard sounds like hate. Lightning strikes? Yikes!
No one can change you Your personality is one and only Your smile is cooler than kool-aid
A cold silver moon, Shines in Tokyo city, On a chilly night.
Unpredictable, will this be my last breath? Will I see tomorrow’s sun? Heavy winds nearly sweep me away;
snow be gone it's time to bloom sleep is done spring has come
You wake up seeing where you from seeing death and crime which makes you glum.
We fold our hands for prayer While the world stops and stares We lift our hands in praise,
You see this beautiful light that greets you into the world, you find love in the arms of someone you'd think is an angel.
The color blue.
How quaint is mother, Giving us fruit and homes, Eat… live… then forget.