Poems About the Environment

A thunder starts in the east. Lightning flashes  in the west. Sparks of red blow  in the north.
Fires aflame, officers in shame How can we fight to change destruction?   Children dying, people crying
Angie Brooks who was ironically born in the month of May gave birth to four is as gentle as the stroke of a newborn
Only raise your hand whenyou want to sharpen your pencilor go to the bathroom.Repeat every ten minutes.
     Disarray, Disorganization to say the least. Free-for-all environment and pandemonius feats
  I dreamt of dandelions one night. I felt the fuzzy seeds that grow outwards from its core.
A nightmare no one can wakeWhere all it seems they do is take…You know the saying 
There's people all across this nation Each with different a background People make sure you're light is always on
If a tree falls in the forest, will anyone hear anyone hear it?
 weeping willow tree  of the  meadow,long green leafy sapling tree sweeping