Poems About the Environment

She, named Winter, is cold indeed, Her sister, Summer, full of glee, Spring’s wakening wrought rivalry,
Seasons All the seasons come and go Sunny days turn into snow Winter transforms into spring
                                         “Where I’m From”
The bell rang and it’s time to start the day All I say is how long until the end of May
The tress they bleed Nobody wants them chop chop they are gone I miss the trees
Sitting here thinking about all the mistakes I've made. Sitting here thinking about the mistakes I may make.
My teacher who relates topics to the future while guiding students to read pages of a science book
Flying, floating, fabulous. Rising, relaxing, rememberable.   They never stay at the same place,
Even in the morning,  one star sets sail in the sky As the darkness sinks. The light grows and covers the 
The air was hot and humid as the sorching sun set in the sky The plane ride was just as bad as the weather