Poems about Bullying

Dark days being hurt feeling worthless, there she stays mute pushed around while no one cares.
Why Bully Its so wrong and wack Give a high five to a friend instead of a smack Make Friends not Enemies
Take the pain away, trying to live another day, you think you're strong, however, I'm stronger,
His eyes, deep in their sockets, droop. His shoulders, hunched in anxiety, despair.
Try and Bully Me By: Joseph Echie
The computer screen is your shield and the keyboard is your sword.
I'm an Ostrich in a flock of pretty pink flamingos A one-winged moth in a swarm of colorful butterflies
I have a past but don't we all I have done things I'm not proud of...
I use to ask people for help but it seems as if help never comes I can barely tell what is real from what is fiction anymore
A bully once said, Hey ill get you kid, Ran away with a lot of fear, Once there were a lot of tears,