Poems about Bullying

I Fight For What Is Right , Not For What Is Wrong. I Want Justice For Every Dead Soul. People Think Bullying Is Cool
Bullied and picked on, hurt, But no one knew. Who was the Bully? Was it you? Or me?
If I could be a superhero, just for the day, I would want to be Supergirl, in every way.
Born sweet, Born kind. Being mean, A waste of time.
People attempt to demonize Love They protest against it
The next person you go to hurt or try to make feel like dirt instead of trying to look cool
Who told you that you were the judge of someone else’s worth? Who said your standards were worth being stood on?
I may be a woman Who doesn't love a man But who gave you the right To tell me that I can't
You feel better about yourself now right? You think you are smart and you think that everybody is thinking what you are thinking.
What true underdog's got support? What true bully does it only for sport?