Poems about Bullying

The price I could’ve paid for you bullying me…. I came to school each day because I had too,
I Want to Let Go and Be Free From Your Danger Zone
Think before you bully me…. When I was little and in my teens you picked on me,
My Voice is Empty Trying to Screammm
Suicidal Thoughts Are One of the Most Heartbreaking Sadnesses I Can Think of
Who Do You Think You Are and What Do You Want With Me
She's walking down the hall Trying not to bawl She's headed up a flight of stairs Thinking "who really cares"
Why me? What did I ever do to you? Did I pull your hair or step on your shoe?
I know I am different from many others, because I am unlike the rest, maybe because the way I wear my hair or my own style of clothing I
Waking up, as pain radiates through out my body. How much pain will I endure today?