Poems about Bullying

A lion creeps Through the grass Silently stalking A zebra unaware Chewing the grass
Fire Destroys everything in its path And in destruction New life shines
They think there so strong Picking on you all day long I know it feels wrong
Suicide has been a crazy thing lately.
(poems go here) School seemed great Until I met you A friend of dread I’m to ensue
I've always been the peacemaker of my friends, The one who always does the right thing.
I'm too skinny I'm too fat I'm very intelligent And you hate that.
I am 14 I am at the age where stress becomes a friend, sleep is a taste of heaven
Society isn’t real, but is a bully. Bullies can be brutes or brats they have insecurities and secrets too
The lights The excitement Cheering the team on Pom poms shake as Twenty cheerleaders smile