Poems about Bullying

I remember walking through the halls thinking should I or should I not
When punched in the gut, do you face reality as it seems or do you seem to drift off...
Bullys tell you to shut  upand you cry Bullys stomp on you as if they are somethiing specail
There is no escape from the girl who talks There is a voice, a voice that mocks.
I can escape I can escape to world where I am the bully to the ganglords and dealers
Make-up, lipstick, nail polish, clothes. Skinny, prissy,that's what everyone knowsabout Barbie. Is she smart or is she dumb?Is she nice o
The bully stands above me He’s pushed me down once again Doesn’t he realize someday I’ll be bigger than him
Footsteps stipple down the hall. His eyes are cast downward, following the lines of passing judgment.