Poems about Bullying

  Help is written in her eyes But does not show it until alone and cries
Teachers get paid to teach and all they do is preach, a teacher will preach not to become a bully
now see the shit i can't stand is when a boy on tv is smiling making you believe that society is helping i look at the screen simply seei
Don't want to be judged? Don't let bullies bully you.  Stand your ground & hold your head up high. 
Everyday i step in school, im reminded of who is and isn't cool. Why does it have to be this way?, 
You are twisted and selfish A monster and bully at heart. You feed me the blood and tears of all your wretched pain
 Bernadette Irankunda.  i was only a 9 year old girl . coming to a country i didn't know  , didn't speak the language. Here I'm.
Why, when you see them do you do it..? Why, do you bully them...? Why, don't you stop..? Why, did you start..?
You speak with your mouth But not your mind, Quite a conundrum, if you ask me But you would not, 
It’s just a breath of airTake it in and hold it tightYou can’t control the bullyThey control you