Poems about Bullying

I am the tormented.  The one that wants to speak. Your words are shark bites. They scar and make me bleed.
 You could've stopped them from talking to me like that  but you dind't  You could've stopped them from hitting me 
No voice to speak,no hand to raise,back of the class strugging to pass. 
Bullying "Your just like the bully from school", Screaming these words with pain as you started to sob.My world completely stopped and my
When I was 14 the voices wouldn’t stop Just a constant buzz
I once had a best friend She was made out of stone. Until one day she took her life away
Ran from you again today Remember back when we used to play? Hiding under blankets and reading our books
My angel awaits me.  She sees my pain, see she's my thoughts.  She know what I may do or why I may hide. 
How do I tell that one kid I dont like him. How do I stop him from picking on other people
I've been here for twelve years. Little breaks. High expectations. What is this?