Poems about Bullying

America the great, if the Statue of Liberty could speak. I'm sure she would walk the world and take a look and say,
Tell me why I would get in trouble if I was late to class and that other kid who is late everyday gets a laugh.
Stop assuming things before asking (You're afraid) You get other people to do the talking (You hide)
One day I came into class, I told the teacher to kiss my a**. She told me to sit down! I gave a terrible frown.
A teacher is supposed to be reasonable Yet you call out on students about useless crap A teacher is supposed to be kind
First thing in the morning, when I see my teacher's face, I want to reach into my pocket and grab a can of mace.  
Education! What education Understand what I mean  When I say this Education Education
The jocks, the dancers, the band geeks abound. Student Council reigns supreme. That’s what I see when I look around,
I'm not sure but it seems to meToo much hate, too little love, creates this tragedy
I hate it when people bully other people i know how it feels to get bullied and bullying hurts alot of feelings