Poems about Bullying

The hardest battle there is, Is the battle of life. People break you down,
Christianity.  its in my blood.  Love.  Also there.  Hate.  I could never.  Bully.
The fear in his eyes his muscles go tense the tears in his eyes the bruises are tint  
We all know that bullying is wrong, but haven't we seen ourselves lately?
  How do I say it nicely I despise thee
  They tell us what to be and who we should want to be
You just don't know, my life, my struggle yet you still bully me with homework,
  Hello, my ignorant teacher. There is a lot you are not aware of.
It's time that teachers start caring It's time that they start sharing Maybe even teaching Just a Little More
Internet bully, cyber thug Squashing self esteem like a bug Talking over the Internet instead of in person