Poems about Bullying

School is to prepare you they claim, well then thats just a damn shame. Prepare you for what? Rules and Guidelines?
Do you ever stop and think  About the people that you meet Or the words that you say
No matter where you are, bullying is not far. There is too much hate don't just leave it up to fate.
You should know, bullying hurts.It starts with one word, one word you blurt.
I cannot make a breakthrough. The pain and my feelings are holding me back, breaking me down.
It is not ok to make someone cry,Or make them feel like they want to die.Being a bully is not cool.You are acting like a tool.Making some
Goliath stood tall and taunted the Israelites He flashed his sword and spear
You are the teacher And I am the student You tell us our life's path But do not count on me choosing it  
 A boy walks into school hoping to get through, then a bully walks up to him and asks when his money is due, the boy shivers in fear and
They all used to point and laugh in my face, Always telling me I'm such a disgrace.