Poems about Animals

It sits as a dead rose, laying against ashes. The wings are broken glass.
We the same animal,in different zoos. I write a rap,you write a haiku. Actors in different movies,
Show me your true colors now Don’t wait until were bound Being your friend never meant too much to me
staring right dead in the eyes but moving towards wrong!
We are stamp-lickers, Overachieving procrastinators, addicts The kind of kids that
Being alive is a gift yet we like to make life hurt what can they do innocent and frail but all we see is something to sell and what is i
To be an animal, Which would you be, Me i'd be a monkey, So sweet, so free, Do not like to be mean,
It didn't happen, the accident's causation, the hit and run no one reports, no one slows to stop or