Poems about Animals

A Letter To My Beautiful Dog My Cassie----
There once was an owl and a mouse. They lived in a barn, not a house, With cows, horses, ducks, and sheep,
She cuddle with me every night I felt alone. She let me cry on her shoulder when daddy didn't pick up the phone.
I try to get your love, But all you do is hit me and hate me, Why don't you love me, Am I really that worthless?
What does it mean to be human? Does it imply we are utterly fallible and cruel?
Rain covers my pallet in purifying drops My tresses are swollen, bleeding out their tops
Nothing ever changes. Burning down the homes of the loved, burning down the dreams of the innocent,
I lost my llama, so I called up my Mama, She said, “Stop your drama!” Look for the llama; are you sure it’s gone?
Abuse Isn't a way to solve problems Isn't a way to solve anything
Withering, Friday morning, thin and silent as a fence rail. As the earth trembled beneath me.