Poems about Animals

If we could lay in bed all day and talk our days away let our minds drift drift into this fantasy land
I dream of day, Where there is no pain Where all of God's creatures Are treated the same
It been here since the beginning, this isn't a sickness there's no cure I have nothing but myself,
I am not an animal, but the leash is pulled ever tighter. I can think for myself,
We had Dr. King, brother Malcolm, and we can't forget about Mr.Evers All black men fighting for one thing
Do I know what it was like to be black in 1953? Why, no, miss, I do not. Do I know it was horrible? Yes.
What have I done? To deserve this cold floor. What have I done? To be slammed in the face by that door.
My paws are swollen My puppies are nipping I want to bark, but my vocal cords are broken
It’s only a color. Just a color. Like red, blue, green, white. Only it’s darker.
The Woman with a Fake eye This woman had an eye scariest of the scary She scared every kid in sight like bloody Mary