Poems about Animals

Horses galloping through the open plains The grass cruntching beneath them as they run
Bound to a space, the world passes me. Confined and alone I wish for a day where I am free.
Day or night, It attacks. Feasting upon thy weak, Death is what it attracts. In the air, sea, and land.
To be treated as not an equal is not of you. The so called master is no master of you
I've lost it all. I'm just a silhouette. Black lines, outlining gentle curves.
Through the wind rushes rider and steed No separation, Moving as one Free, Free to explore, To learn,
Mother nature the creator of all natural things, makes the wind whistle and he birds sing.
That vicious black dog Has attacked me again It was lying in wait, I just didn't know when
(poems go here) Where do the hearts of people go? Because it is so hard to see anyone have a heart.
Fluffed ballet tutus, jeweled bras, and animal print leg warmers hug the tanned glittery abs swaying to the hard thumping beats of techno