Poems about Animals

I am an animal lover, I'd rather an animal to a lover. Animals love you unconditionally, not just traditionally.
Louie sings alone now that Emerald is gone. II Louie is a parakeet.
Mittens By: Abby Stubbs
What do you see when you look at me? Do you see confidence? Do you see potential? Or do you see ignorance
We want you to succeed, we want you to pursue The drive to perform arcs in tandem on cue Right?
We played kickball for the last few hours, the day just beginning to diminish.
Not human, animal Not man, beast Not civilized, wild Broken
What are we to them? Clearly something whose soul Should be ripped from their body.
It stood there in silence, Possessed and frozen in time. It was my friend and I knew it had to be peaceful.
Dirt caked under my fingernails and in every fine line of my hands, Defines my life.