Poems about Animals

Vital preserver helps defy gravity, But nevertheless Holding every muscle perfectly still
You may feel sorry For the humans Because you can actually see Their pain and Their suffering
A dove is as white as snow, Looks more beautiful than a crow, In weddings brings tears of joy on one’s face,
His shade is yellow Though his emotions show blue He moves so swiftly In the night He keeps his head up
I am from the many aunts and cousins on my dad’s side. From the hellos and goodbyes taking an hour.
Loyal Jane in falls rain Hanging out to tell her tale She fell in love with a free spirited girl
Tired of crying Sick of trying Am i smiling yeah, inside but outside im dying
Picture frames in dark corners on the shelves, I look around and can hear the silence’s yells.
Wet noses shivering body drenched in regret alone and unhappy. A tail unwagged simply forgotten
Recalling those days So bittersweet Are the thoughts Memories brought back Not too long forgotten