Poems about Animals

I forced the large bundle of pills down my throat, followed by an ample amount of water drowning out the thin layer of paste coating my e
Mans best friend Free and wild Runs like a child. Loved by all men.
Where you left me Is where I lay Cold and heavy With dismay. You vowed return And so I wait
Mass production of the living Of the white veined flesh that many devour From the helpless weeping animals
Tears, Cascading down my cheek, Pain, Swarming, consuming, my spirit,
There you lie Infected and bleeding There you dream Of a life without suffering A life without pain
Where do we go after we die? Are we all so truly so pure and virtuous at heart
Somber is its embrace, quiet is its plea. Justified by its grace, accompanied by a melody.
Do you think this is funny? Do find this amusing? Yesterday it was boiling oil, today it is knives
I fell into a dream, Inside my head. Lost in my mind, Searching for identity.