Poems about Animals

I love the sky I love the wind I love the sun warming my skin.
Platinum blonde hair. Rosy red cheeks. Bright blue eyes. Always playing with everyone's animals.
Here I sit, all alone, in my own little cell. I only know my neighbor by their barks.
The water was an ominous grey.
Like the human she is beauty, Unlike the human she stands on four legs. She snorts. She swats a fly with her tail.
Faces familiar and features unknown, Recognition waxes and wanes as time grows old. And animal desolate in its own herd
(poems go here) I’m where I shouldn’t be. Learning what I can’t understand. They’re only teaching me that what I do
Why, why Am I here lying in bed, Wondering if you ever really loved me,
Death, Always taking lives. Sometimes giving lives back, Only to those who deserve it.
Iron clamps hamper my movements Drugs my senses Pain wracks my body Despair my mind. Capture