Poems about Animals

(poems go here) its not black or white its the ship of light its whats right goes day or night
(poems go here) you banging on my door like you di before i still love you so your bad friend
I see them playing So happy and free Knowing that some of them Have nowhere to be But, they can be rescued
Decisions Where to go How to live When to leave Will we return
White walls encompass my daily life They are blank Yet the table of my mind is full
holding grudges forgiveness feelings hot cocoa on a winter afternoon marshmallows
I can't stand to see my reflection, seeing someone of such imperfection. The person i see,
Moving like an animal, I hunt for the waters of life. I fear my search in vain is full of srtife.
It doesn’t matter what people think If you have something to be proud of Its only your opinion that matters
Imagine Not you and me No happy endings Just a knife Pure and simple Shiny and new