Poems about Animals

Imagine Not you and me No happy endings Just a knife Pure and simple Shiny and new
It doesn’t matter what people think If you have something to be proud of Its only your opinion that matters
Dogwood seeds blow through empty kennels bogged by bleach and Dawn If you walk with purpose, you’re invisible
At times I feel like I am in search for myself to find peace instead of all this reckoning that lingers within this restless soul of mine
"Hard cold stone, sleeping all alone. Never knowing love or care, hatred meets me everywhere
(poems go here)Like rain falls from clouds, so do these tears. Getting hard to breathe because I am drowning.
Animal testing is terrible because animals are my life They make it seem easy to bring a knife
Sit down and write a poem, Should be easy, right? And as you begin your poem, You also see the light.
I can't speak. Not because I don't want to, Or because I'm to weak. There's something keeping me
How can a world be so cruel, where people are ashamed of who they are? They hide to fit in, to live ashamed,