Poems about Animals

death follows behind the darkness fill the air they seek a new leader but will i be ready?  
The beeping of the alarm does not wake me. I"m not shaken. The sun shines bright through my window. I'm not mistaken.
I entered the I AM SECOND spoken word contest with underground christian rap artist, Propaganda.
Asking me why I write is like asking a lion why he hunts.
One note flows smoothly through the air. Instead of cutting through the silence, The silence wraps around it.
(poems go here) you can bet you see what you get i don't prtend i say this with a grim feel free
I look at you as you sit there with tears flowing down your face.
Little crying antelope  Is there something that you need? I can return you to the forest
I bury my face in tufts of soft golden hair
Don't play with me like play dough! Im not blue, pink, yellow or GREEN!