Poems about Animals

I keep having nightmares like something is feeding off my fear. I feel a dark energy that won't let go of me.
Ferdinand    Oh dear Ferdinand, What have you done wrong? Sharp blades are there
I kept checking my phone and emailwaiting for someone to call,to contact me. No one ever did.
The manicured lawn is human management, trying to recreate the hanging gardens of Babylon on smaller scale
  Tem gente que têm o que dizer E se torna escritor Tem gente que decide ser escritor
Dança, dança vagaluz, Vaga luz na escuridão. Vaga, vaga, vagabunda luz.
Everyone warns you about the strange men you dont know The ones you meet in the dead of night 
Your calming noisesYour soft, soothing furYou have always been there for meand I will always be there for you
  As a summer wind blew gently brushing against the grass
Dear Anger, Really, I think you're quite funny. But I do not understand the way you move. How do you do it?