Poems about Animals

When I was a teen I had a rat. A white dumbo rat, with red eyes, who was blind.
If life is a gift God be an Indian giver and take me back to you Back to my comfort place
Beautiful, thoughtful Buttercup Loved to look up, up, up
When I was eight I thought I'd be a princess and happy by now.
With one feet inside her nest And one feet outside, following the dotted line 
I keep having nightmares like something is feeding off my fear. I feel a dark energy that won't let go of me.
Ferdinand    Oh dear Ferdinand, What have you done wrong? Sharp blades are there
I kept checking my phone and emailwaiting for someone to call,to contact me. No one ever did.
The manicured lawn is human management, trying to recreate the hanging gardens of Babylon on smaller scale
  Tem gente que têm o que dizer E se torna escritor Tem gente que decide ser escritor