Poems about Animals

shaunsterXXX depression rap emonal legend rap i have depression  because i get bullied in school 
Everybody wants a new puppy,  Can't walk, rolling in it's shit and scratching you,   
A true happy place is a place deep inside. A day will come When I am listening to rhythm of what my heart makes.
hot summer sunrays a flower growing between cracked cement   behind an abandoned house
Look at that Chestnut, His coat gleams in the morning dew,  Glazed in a sheet of dust, 
Thunder claps in the night, lightning Flashes and crackles in the night. It keeps the forest safe and sound during the night. It's soothi
My guinea pigs I love you even in doubt I feel like you know me inside and out
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A virtual color to discuss, I wish today Asked someone, is it a color? Says Nay
trusting you want me to trust you are you for real?